WellWareª software is currently being updated, and some nifty new MODFLOW utilities are being added to the portfolio. Registered users will be given the opportunity to purchase upgrades at substantial discounts. Please write (see Contact) or check back soon for more information.




AqModelª (Aquifer Model) is a general aquifer-modeling program for calculating drawdown, potential distribution, and stream functions. Practical uses of the model include well field simulation, flow net generation, and determination of capture zones of single or multiple well recovery systems. AqModel is also useful for determining wellhead protection areas.



RessqM (Ressq Modified) is an enhanced version of the popular RESSQ model [Javandel et al., 1984]. RessqM was developed to facilitate the rapid analysis of capture zone and well head protection problems. RessqM makes it easy to determine the extent of capture zones of wells in steady uniform groundwater flows—at user specified times.



Gradient computes the magnitude and direction of the hydraulic gradient in a two-dimensional uniform flow field from a set of water level measurements. Gradient is useful for providing input to AqModel and RessqM.



TD (Theis Drawdown) is a simple program that calculates the drawdown in the vicinity of a well completed in a Theis-type aquifer.



WLOSS (Well Loss) computes well loss coefficients and well loss according to the method of Jacob (1946).