Hydrogeologic and Modeling Analysis

         Aquifer and well pumping tests

         Aquifer storage and recovery

         Artificial recharge

         Conjunctive use and basin management

         Delineation of groundwater flow paths and travel times

         Design of hydraulic control systems for groundwater remediation

         Groundwater flow and contaminant transport

         Groundwater model calibration and predictive uncertainty analysis

         Integration of existing data and historical studies into comprehensive models of the water resources

         Land subsidence

         Natural attenuation

         Optimization of pumpage and recharge

         Saline water intrusion

         Stream, lake and aquifer interaction

         Updating existing groundwater models

         Litigation Support

         Expert support in groundwater litigation

         Fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface

         Forensic hydrology

         Peer review

         Plume delineation and allocation of environmental response costs

         Water rights support

         Technology and Information Management

         Custom programming and code modification

         Hydrologic database development

         Software development